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Our Mission

"The Journey is yours to discover"

Noelle's Dance Academy, in Mantua, New Jersey is a place where kids of all ages, shapes and sizes learn to dance. This is a studio where creativity, individuality and self-expression is encouraged and has a community of teachers, students and families who are passionate about performing arts. Our goal is to create a positive and happy experience for all of our students. We strive to nurture and develop talent, celebrate the achievements of all students and inspire a love and appreciation of all styles of dance. We are committed to providing a safe and positive environment in which all students can feel empowered, comfortable and free to express themselves. 

Noelle's Dance Academy is known for our amazing customer service and our staff's attention to details.  We strive to make things easy on parents - from organized informational handouts to automatic payment plans. Our Holiday performances and end of the year dance recitals are not to be missed!  Enjoy great songs and wonderful choreography performed by students in age appropriate costumes.  We hope you will become part of our NDA family!

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Dance is not just about movement to music. It’s an art form and a sport combined. It takes years of practice and hours of repetition. But the benefits are endless. Taking class helps children:

  • to develop physical coordination

  • to develop poise, grace, and concentration

  • to quicken the responses of the brain to body demands

  • to become aware of the body and the development thereof

  • to feel “free” in expression

  • to enjoy the fulfillment of a goal to learn

  • to discipline the body

  • to develop self-confidence and self-esteem

  • to follow directions


Give your child the gift of DANCE!

We offer a FREE introductory lesson for new students so we can make sure the style and class you choose is right for you. Whether you’re looking to get fit, improve your technique or make new friends, we’ll quickly help you feel welcome as a member of our studio. Claim your free session today or call us at 609-980-9838!

Start Dancing Today!
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